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Java RMI over IIOP

Java Remote Method Invocation over Internet Inter-ORB Protocol technology (RMI-IIOP) is part of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE). The RMI Programming Model enables the programming of CORBA servers and applications via the rmi API. You can choose to work completely within the Java programming language using the Java Remote Method Protocol (JRMP) as the transport, or work with other CORBA-compliant programming languages using the Internet InterORB Protocol (IIOP).

RMI-IIOP utilizes the Java CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB) and IIOP, so you can write all of your code in the Java programming language, and use the rmic compiler to generate the code necessary for connecting your applications via the Internet InterORB Protocol (IIOP) to others written in any CORBA-compliant language. To work with CORBA applications in other languages, IDL can be generated from Java programming language interfaces using the rmic compiler with the -idl option. To generate IIOP stubs and tie classes, use the rmic compiler with the -iiop option.


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More Information

See the Java RMI over IIOP Technology Home Page.

The Java IDL technology pages include a lot of information that is useful to developers using Java RMI-IIOP technology.

The Object Management Group is the official source of information for all CORBA and IIOP related information. The CORBA 2.3.1 Specification is available electronically from formal/99-10-07. The URLs for the CORBA specifications may change. If the link does not work, visit and search for the specification.

For more information on which specifications are implemented in this release of the Java platform, see the compliance document.

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