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Enhancements in Java I/O

Enhancements in JDK 8 Release

There are several improvements to the standard (java.nio.charset.Charset) and extended charset implementations. They include:

Enhancements in JDK 7 Release

The java.nio.file package and its related package, java.nio.file.attribute, provide comprehensive support for file I/O and for accessing the file system. A zip file system provider is also available in JDK 7. The following resources provide more information:

In addition, the following enhancement is introduced:

Area: NIO
Standard/Platform: JDK 7
Synopsis: Prior to the JDK 7 release, direct buffers allocated using java.nio.ByteBuffer.allocateDirect(int) were aligned on a page boundary. In JDK 7, the implementation has changed so that direct buffers are no longer page aligned. This should reduce the memory requirements of applications that create lots of small buffers.
RFE: 4837564

Enhancements in JDK 6 Release

One new class is provided:

The following new methods were added to File:

Constructors were added to the following class:

The behavior of the following method was modified:


Enhancements in JDK 5.0 Release


Enhancements in Java SE 1.4


Previous Enhancements

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